Rehabilitation Roadmap: Find A Rehabilitation Center Near You

Are you or someone you love looking for a rehabilitation center? Top-ranked adult rehabilitation centers can be found all over the country. But, how do you know which center for rehabilitation to choose?

According to addiction experts, center rehabilitation or inpatient rehabilitation provides the best results. This type of recovery involves all aspects of a patient’s mental health, not just the addiction. Patients stay onsite between 30 and 90 days while recovering in a clinically supervised facility.

How do you qualify for substance rehabilitation?

Anyone with private health insurance will typically qualify for any in patient rehabilitation. This type of insurance provides an opportunity to recover in a resort-like environment. Company rehabilitation is also available with private insurance plans typically offered through employment. For those with state-funded coverage, county hospitals and non-profits offer quality treatment and effective rehabilitation programs.

Why are so many rehabilitation centers popping up all over the country?

According to recent data collected by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 21 million American adults (age 12 and older) battle with addiction. This number grows as the rate of opioid-related addiction skyrockets to new heights. In 2016, opioids such as fentanyl were involved in more than half of opioid-related overdoses. In short, the high demand for inpatient care is driving this industry.

If you think you’re in need of rehabilitation or you’re looking for somebody else, use this nation-wide roadmap and find help today.

Alabama Rehabilitation

Are you looking for an Alabama rehabilitation center? Alabama has quality options for those looking for inpatient rehabilitation. Great weather, warm hospitality, and top-notch facilities make this southern state an ideal destination for those recovering from substance abuse.

Alabama rehabilitation centers:

  • Alsana
  • Hillside
  • Magnolia Ranch Recovery
  • Tree of Life Behavioral Health
  • Twelve Oaks Recovery

Arizona Rehabilitation

Are you looking for an Arizona rehabilitation center? The Grand Canyon State boasts dry weather, warm winters, and resort-style rehabilitation centers. When you’re ready to take the next step, consider rehabilitation Arizona and regain your life.

Arizona rehabilitation centers:

  • Arizona Addiction Recovery
  • Canyon Vista Recovery
  • Desert Cove Recovery
  • Renaissance Recovery Center
  • The River Source

Arkansas Rehabilitation

Are you looking for an Arkansas rehabilitation center? Arkansas’s landscape includes towering mountains, hardwood forests and the historic banks of the Mississippi River. A quick search online reveals a multitude of rehabilitation center Arkansas locations.

Arkansas rehabilitation centers:

  • Arkansas Rehabilitation Services
  • Bradford Health Services
  • Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center
  • Oasis Renewal
  • QHI Residential

California Rehabilitation

Are you looking for rehabilitation California? California rehabilitation centers can be found throughout the state. This ocean state boasts beautiful weather, amazing destinations, and resort-like rehab centers. Whether you need rehabilitation San Francisco or something in Orange County, California has you covered.

California rehab centers:

  • Hope by the Sea
  • Passages Malibu
  • Sunrise Recovery Ranch
  • Valley Recovery Center
  • The Hills Treatment Center

Colorado Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Colorado rehabilitation center? The Rocky Mountain State is a destination hotspot for outdoor lovers around the world. However, Colorado also is a great place to recover from addiction. Those looking for a rehabilitation Colorado destination have a lot of choices.

Colorado Rehab Centers:

  • AspenRidge Recovery
  • Colorado Recovery Infusion Center
  • Harmony Foundation
  • Red Rock Recovery
  • UCHealth Center

Connecticut Rehabilitation

Are you looking for rehabilitation in Connecticut? This beautiful New England state and has numerous rehabilitation Connecticut locations and finding a CT rehabilitation center has never been simpler. A quick online search will display several Connecticut rehabilitation centers.

Connecticut rehabilitation center:

  • Aware Recovery Care
  • Clearpoint Recovery Center
  • CT Community for Addiction Recovery
  • Rushford
  • Turnbridge

Florida Rehabilitation

Are you looking for Florida rehabilitation? Although the Sun Shine State is best known for its beautiful beaches, it also has numerous rehabilitation Florida locations. Whether you’re looking for rehabilitation in Jacksonville FL or something near Miami, Florida has you covered.

Florida rehab centers:

  • La Amistad Behavioral Health
  • Beachway Therapy Center
  • Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers
  • South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center
  • WhiteSands Treatment Center

Georgia Rehabilitation

Are you looking for Georgia rehabilitation? Most of the rehabilitation GA opportunities are found in Atlanta, but there are many other centers throughout rural parts of the state. If you love southern culture, a rehabilitation Georgia center might just be the right place for you.

Georgia rehabilitation centers:

  • Black Bear Lodge
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center
  • RiverMend Health Centers
  • Twin Lakes Recovery Center
  • Willingway

Indiana Rehabilitation

Are you looking for an Indiana rehabilitation center? Rehabilitation Indiana locations are found throughout the state. If you enjoy hardwood forest, picturesque farmland and small towns overflowing with great people, Indiana rehabilitation may be right for you.

Indiana rehabilitation centers:

  • Indianapolis Comprehensive Treatment Center
  • Hickory House Recovery Center
  • Fairbanks
  • Addiction Rehab Centers
  • Life Recovery Center

Iowa Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a rehabilitation center in Iowa? While many rehabilitation centers can be found in and around Des Moines, many more rehabilitation Iowa locations are spread throughout the state. For those looking to get away from it all, Iowa delivers.

Iowa rehab centers:

  • Area Substance Abuse Council
  • Sedlacek
  • St. Gregory Recovery Centers
  • St. Luke’s Inpatient Rehab Center
  • The Abbey Center

Kansas Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Kansas rehabilitation center? While there are many rehabilitation centers in and around Wichita and Topeka, many other rehabilitation Kansas locations are spread throughout rural parts of the state.

Kansas rehab centers:

  • Central Kansas Foundation
  • First Call
  • Mirror
  • Sunflower Wellness Retreat
  • Valley Hope of Wichita

Kentucky Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Kentucky Rehabilitation center? The Bluegrass State boasts picturesque landscapes and top-ranked rehabilitation centers. For those looking for a Lexington rehabilitation center or something in a rural setting, Kentucky provides something for everyone recovering from addiction.

Kentucky rehab centers:

  • Belle Grove Springs
  • Landmark Recovery
  • Bowling Green Addiction Recovery
  • Karen’s Place
  • Liberty Ranch

Massachusetts Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Massachusetts rehabilitation center? Finding the right MA rehabilitation center is simple as rehabilitation Massachusetts locations are spread throughout the state. A quick online search for “rehabilitation center MA” produces a diverse list of inpatient facilities.

Massachusetts rehab centers:

  • Addiction Treatment Center of New England
  • Emerson House
  • High Point Treatment Center
  • New England Recovery Center
  • Spring Hill Recovery

Michigan Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Michigan rehabilitation center? While most of the facilities lie within or around Detroit, many other rehabilitation Michigan locations exist in rural parts of the state. Regardless of where one lives in Michigan, a rehabilitation center will likely be nearby.

Michigan rehab centers:

  • Best Drug Rehabilitation
  • Skywood Recovery
  • Mid-Michigan Recovery
  • Dawn Farm
  • Sacred Heart Rehabilitation

Nevada Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Nevada Rehabilitation center? While the state is well-known for Las Vegas, Nevada is also known for rehabilitation. Warm winters and desert breezes make rehabilitation Nevada the perfect destination for many struggling with addiction.

Nevada rehab centers:

  • Center for Behavioral Health
  • Desert Hope Treatment Center
  • Solutions Recovery
  • Las Vegas Recovery Center
  • Desert Hope Outpatient Center

New Jersey Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a New Jersey Rehabilitation center? Not only does New Jersey have many facilities to choose from, but the quality of care is also exceptional. Convenient access and quality care make rehabilitation New Jersey the ideal choice for those living in the state.

New Jersey rehab centers:

  • Discovery Institutes
  • Turning Point
  • Mayville Addiction Treatment Center
  • Seabrook
  • New Hope

New York Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a New York rehabilitation center? Although many of the facilities are located in New York City, rehabilitation NY locations can be found all over the state. Whether you live in the city or the upstate region, New York has your rehabilitation needs covered.

New York rehab centers:

  • Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
  • Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai
  • Caron New York
  • Mountainside Treatment Center
  • Blaisdell Addiction

North Carolina Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a North Carolina rehabilitation center? While many of the rehabilitation centers are located in Raleigh, alternative NC rehabilitation locations are found throughout the state including rehabilitation in the Smokey Mountain region.

North Carolina rehabilitation centers:

  • Crest View Recovery Center
  • Footprints in Recovery
  • Four Circles
  • Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers
  • Red Oak Recovery

Ohio Rehabilitation

Are you looking for an Ohio rehabilitation center? While many of the centers are located in Cleveland, alternative rehabilitation Ohio locations exist elsewhere in the state. Ohio rehabilitation centers and Ohio rehabilitation correction facilities are well dispersed throughout the state.

Ohio rehabilitation centers:

  • Addiction Recovery Center
  • Glenbeigh
  • Ohio Addiction Recovery Center
  • The Bluffs
  • The Ridge

Oklahoma Rehabilitation

Are you looking for an Oklahoma rehabilitation center? Oklahoma has quality rehabilitation centers located throughout the state. Wide-open spaces and country landscapes make rehabilitation Oklahoma the destination for many in the Great Plains region.

Oklahoma rehab centers:

  • A Chance to Change
  • Clay Crossing
  • Rob’s Ranch
  • The Recovery Center
  • Valley Hope

Oregon Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Portland Rehabilitation center? Those suffering from addiction can search online for “rehabilitation center Oregon” and find numerous rehabilitation centers located throughout this beautiful Northwestern state.

Oregon rehabilitation center:

  • Awakenings by the Sea
  • De Paul Treatment Center
  • Hazelden Betty Ford
  • Oregon train recovery
  • Serenity Lane

Pennsylvania Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Pennsylvania rehabilitation center? While Philadelphia and Pittsburgh host a majority of the state’s facilities, PA rehabilitation is found throughout the state. Whether you live in a big city or small town, rehabilitation is likely nearby.

Pennsylvania rehabilitation centers:

  • Bradford Recovery
  • Caron Treatment Centers
  • Pocono Mountain Recovery
  • Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment
  • White Deer Run

South Carolina Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a South Carolina Rehabilitation Center? There’s plenty of reasons to consider this coastal state. Resort-like facilities and southern hospitality make rehabilitation South Carolina the perfect destination for those seeking change.

South Carolina rehabilitation centers:

  • Charleston Recovery
  • Columbia Rehabilitation
  • Faith Home of Abbeville
  • Greenville Rehabilitation
  • Riverside Rehabilitation

Texas Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Texas rehabilitation center? No matter where you live in the Lone Star state, a TX rehabilitation center is likely nearby. Whether you need Austin rehabilitation, Dallas rehabilitation, or rehabilitation in San Antonio, Texans suffering from addiction have choices throughout the state.

Texas rehabilitation centers:

  • Burning Tree Ranch
  • The Ranch at Dove Tree
  • The Right Steps
  • The Treehouse
  • West Texas Counseling

Virginia Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a VA rehabilitation center? Virginia is known for top-ranked rehabs with beautiful onsite living facilities. This combination makes rehabilitation Virginia an excellent choice for anyone living in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Virginia rehabilitation centers:

  • Grace House
  • Howard Center
  • Phoenix House
  • Valley Vista
  • West Ridge Center

Washington Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Washington rehabilitation center? Top-ranked facilities can be found throughout the state. Let’s say: you need help in Spokane. Simply search online for “rehabilitation center Spokane,” and you’ll be certain to find a top-ranked Spokane rehabilitation center near you.

Washington rehabilitation centers:

  • Free by the Sea
  • KLEAN Treatment Centers
  • Northpoint Washington
  • Royal Life Centers
  • The Recovery Village

Wisconsin Rehabilitation

Are you looking for a Wisconsin rehabilitation center? Top-ranked facilities can be found throughout the state. Picturesque landscapes and Private facilities make rehabilitation Wisconsin an ideal destination for those living in the Great Lakes Region.

Wisconsin rehabilitation centers:

  • Birchwood Health and Rehabilitation
  • Bloomfield Rehabilitation
  • Lakeview Care
  • Rennes Health and Rehab Center
  • Tellurian

I hope you found this state-by-state roadmap helpful. I also wanted to point out that those with a Crossroads Rehabilitation Center in your city or town should consider their services. I extend the same sentiments for Harmony Rehabilitation, Oasis Rehabilitation, and Rancho Rehabilitation. Patients attending these facilities are finding success, and you can find it too.

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