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Looking for a rehab center or rehab number? Top-ranked facilities can be found throughout the United States. But, how do you know which recovery rehabs are the best?

According to experts in the field of addiction, in house rehab or inpatient rehab has the best track record of success. This type of rehab often involves treating all aspects of a patient’s mental health, not just the addiction. Patients live onsite for at least 30 days while recovering in a medically supervised environment.

What are the alternatives to inpatient rehab?

Publications like “Rehab I Said No No No,” “How to Rehab,” “I Need Rehab,” “Rehab Rehab,” and “house rehab” clutter the self-help landscape but lack credibility. These are poor substitutes for inpatient rehab and rarely deliver results.

Why are there so many choices for inpatient rehab?

According to a recent study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), more than 21 million people throughout the United States struggle with addiction. This number climbs as the rate of opioid-related addiction grows. In 2016, opioids like fentanyl were involved in nearly half of opioid-related deaths. Without a doubt, the need for substance rehab has never been more critical.

Whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, use this nation-wide roadmap to rehabs and find rehab help today.


Looking for Rehab AL? Alabama has great options for those seeking inpatient rehab. Warm weather, southern hospitality, and world-class facilities make this gulf-state an ideal destination for those recovering from addiction.

Alabama rehab centers:

  • Tree of Life Behavioral Health
  • Alsana
  • Magnolia Ranch Recovery
  • Twelve Oaks Recovery
  • Hillside


Looking for rehab AR? Arkansas’s diverse geography includes majestic mountains, dense forests and the historic banks of the Mississippi River. For those seeking inpatient rehab, the “Natural State” offers a host of options.

Arkansas rehab centers:

  • Arkansas Rehabilitation Services
  • Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center
  • Bradford Health Services
  • QHI Residential
  • Oasis Renewal


Not only is California the most populous state in America, but it’s also the fifth largest economy in the world. This ocean state boasts beautiful weather, amazing destinations, and resort-like rehab centers. Those looking for rehabs in California will find plenty of choices throughout the state. Likewise, those looking for rehab Bakersfield will find multiple options.

California rehab centers:

  • Hope by the Sea
  • Sunrise Recovery Ranch
  • Passages Malibu
  • Valley Recovery Center
  • The Hills Treatment Center

Florida Treatment

Looking for rehab FL? Not only does Florida boasts amazing beaches, but the Sunshine State also has many resort-like treatment centers. When you look for a rehab in Florida, you’ll find many options. The tropical environment draws many from around the world to seek Fort Lauderdale rehab and Pensacola Rehab.

Florida rehab centers:

  • Beachway Therapy Center
  • Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers
  • South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center
  • La Amistad Behavioral Health
  • WhiteSands Treatment Center


Looking for rehab center Georgia? The Peach State boasts southern culture, great food, and top-ranked, inpatient rehab facilities. Although there are plenty of choices in rehab Boston, there are many more throughout rural parts of the state.

Georgia rehab centers:

  • Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center
  • Twin Lakes Recovery Center
  • RiverMend Health Centers
  • Black Bear Lodge
  • Willingway


Looking for rehab Chicago? Chicago has some world-class rehab centers like Haymarket Chicago rehab. Illinois is a heavily populated state, the economic powerhouse of the Midwest and has rehab centers located in every county.

Illinois rehab centers:

  • Restore Counseling
  • Rosecrance
  • RU Recovery
  • New Hope
  • Footprints to Recovery


Looking for Iowa rehab? While Iowa has beautiful farmland throughout the majority of the state, the eastern border provides outdoor recreation all along the Mississippi River. This agricultural powerhouse also has a diverse selection of inpatient rehab facilities for those needing help.

Iowa rehab centers:

  • The Abbey Center
  • St. Gregory Recovery Centers
  • Area Substance Abuse Council
  • St. Luke’s Inpatient Rehab Center
  • Sedlacek


Looking for rehab IN? The Hoosier State boasts beautiful hardwood forests, picturesque farmland and small towns overflowing with great people. However, many people are unaware of the rehab Indiana options.

Indiana rehab centers:

  • Indianapolis Comprehensive Treatment Center
  • Hickory House Recovery Center
  • Fairbanks
  • Addiction Rehab Centers
  • Life Recovery Center


Known as the Sunflower State, Kansas has the most productive farmland in the United States. While the population is quite low as compared to other states, Kansas residents have access to high-quality inpatient rehab centers. This includes rehab in Kansas City and rehab Wichita.

Kansas rehab centers:

  • Central Kansas Foundation
  • Sunflower Wellness Retreat
  • Valley Hope of Wichita
  • First Call
  • Mirror


Looking for Kentucky Rehab? The Bluegrass State is well known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes. Rehab in Kentucky is ideal for those needing to get away from it all while recovering in peace. Better yet, Kentucky has great options for inpatient care.

Kentucky rehab centers:

  • Belle Grove Springs
  • Landmark Recovery
  • Bowling Green Addiction Recovery
  • Karen’s Place
  • Liberty Ranch


Looking for rehab New Orleans? Louisiana’s most historic city has many rehab centers. Many from colder regions of the country travel to the Big Easy to recover from addiction and regain control of their lives.

Louisiana rehab centers:

  • Townsend
  • Woodlake
  • Palmetto Addiction Recovery
  • New Beginnings
  • Acadiana Addiction Center


Looking for rehab MA or rehab Boston? Massachusetts is the most populated of the New England States and has many rehab Massachusetts options. Whether you choose a facility in Cape Cod or a rehab center Winston-Salem, Massachusetts has high-quality rehab centers.

Massachusetts rehab centers:

  • Addiction Treatment Center of New England
  • New England Recovery Center
  • Spring Hill Recovery
  • Emerson House
  • High Point Treatment Center


Looking for rehab Maine? Seafood lovers know Maine is a great place to visit. Expansive forests, rocky coastlines, and small coastal villages make up the best parts of Maine. Maine also has access to a wide variety of inpatient rehab centers despite the relatively low population.

Maine rehab centers:

  • Recovery Maine
  • Maine Margo
  • Spectrum Health Systems
  • Granite House
  • The Freedom Model Retreats


Looking for rehabs in Maryland? Maryland boasts a rich history and is one of the original thirteen colonies. While most of the inpatient rehabs are located in Baltimore, alternative options exist just outside the city.

Maryland rehab centers:

  • Maryland Addiction Recovery
  • Tranquility Woods
  • Ashley Addiction
  • Kolmac
  • John Hopkins Broadway Center


Looking for Michigan rehab or rehab Detroit? While the majority of rehab centers are located in Detroit, many great options exist outside the city. These rehab centers are a direct response to the growing rate of drug abuse in Michigan.

Michigan rehab centers:

  • Best Drug Rehabilitation
  • Skywood Recovery
  • Mid-Michigan Recovery
  • Dawn Farm
  • Sacred Heart Rehabilitation


Looking for MN rehab? Minnesota is known for its high standard of living. At the heart of that standard is a commitment to mental health. Those seeking rehab in Minnesota have excellent choices of inpatient rehab treatment centers.

Minnesota rehab centers:

  • Anthony Louis Center
  • New Beginnings Minnesota
  • On-Belay House
  • Lake Place Retreat Center
  • Pine Manors


Looking for rehab Nebraska or rehab Lincoln? The Cornhusker State is known for football and agriculture, but it also has high-quality inpatient rehab centers. Both private and state-funded inpatient rehab centers can be found throughout the state.

Nebraska rehab centers:

  • Bryan Independence Center
  • Heartland Family Services
  • One Step Rehab
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Sunrise Place


Nevada is a great state to visit, and Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the nation. Moreover, those seeking rehab have great options throughout the state. Whether you’re looking for rehab Reno or Rehab Vegas, Nevada has you covered.

Nevada rehab centers:

  • Center for Behavioral Health
  • Desert Hope Treatment Center
  • Solutions Recovery
  • Las Vegas Recovery Center
  • Desert Hope Outpatient Center

North Carolina

Looking for rehab North Carolina? North Carolina is by far the most beautiful state in the south with beaches, woods, and mountains. North Carolina truly has it all, and those in need of rehab have great choices.

North Carolina rehab centers:

  • Four Circles
  • Red Oak Recovery
  • Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers
  • Footprints in Recovery
  • Crest View Recovery Center

New Jersey

Looking for rehab New Jersey or rehab Newark? New Jersey is a highly populated region in the Mid-Atlantic and the home of wide variety of rehab facilities. Finding a quality New Jersey rehab house is fairly easy considering the multitude of rehab choices.

New Jersey rehab centers:

  • Discovery Institutes
  • Turning Point
  • Mayville Addiction Treatment Center
  • Seabrook
  • New Hope

New York

Looking for rehab centers New York or rehabs in NY? New York State offers a host of rehab opportunities throughout the state. This includes rehabs in NY city and the Upstate region. Without a doubt, New York offers many choices for addiction rehab.

New York rehab centers:

  • Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
  • Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai
  • Caron New York
  • Mountainside Treatment Center
  • Blaisdell Addiction


Oklahoma is known for its wide-open spaces and country landscapes. For those suffering from addiction, the Sooner State also has a multitude of private and state-funded rehab centers. Simply search “Oklahoma rehab” or “rehab OK,” and you’ll find plenty of great choices.

Oklahoma rehab centers:

  • A Chance to Change
  • The Recovery Center
  • Valley Hope
  • Rob’s Ranch
  • Clay Crossing


Looking for rehab Ohio? Named after the Ohio River by the Seneca people, Ohio boasts beautiful farmland and hardwood forests. Those suffering from addiction can find a multitude of inpatient facilities throughout the state.

Ohio rehab centers:

  • Ohio Addiction Recovery Center
  • The Ridge
  • Glenbeigh
  • The Bluffs
  • Addiction Recovery Center


Looking for Portland Oregon rehab or a rehab center OR? Oregon is a beautiful northwestern state. Those suffering from addiction can find an OR rehab center in every corner of the state. Whether it’s Portland or further east, Oregon has quality rehab facilities for those in need.

Oregon rehab center:

  • Oregon train recovery
  • Awakenings by the Sea
  • Hazelden Betty Ford
  • Serenity Lane
  • De Paul Treatment Center


Looking for PA rehab? Pennsylvania is a heavily populated state and has quality rehab centers for those in need. Whether it’s a big city like Philadelphia or a small town out west, Pennsylvania has choices when it comes to rehabs. Try searching “Gateway rehab Aliquippa Pa” and “Rehab Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania rehab centers:

  • Caron Treatment Centers
  • Pocono Mountain Recovery
  • Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment
  • Bradford Recovery
  • White Deer Run

South Carolina

Looking for rehab Greensboro or rehab South Carolina? Like many other southern states, South Carolina has a warm environment and a rich history. Those living in the state know South Carolina is a great place to live. Anyone looking for a South Carolina rehab center will find plenty of options.

South Carolina rehab centers:

  • South Carolina treatment
  • Magnolia Recovery Center
  • Coastal Recovery Center
  • Bruce Hall


Looking for rehab Knoxville or rehab Tennessee? The Volunteer State is not only a beautiful place to visit; it has dozens of quality rehab centers for those in need. Tennessee is truly a beautiful state to recover and regain life.

Tennessee rehab center:

  • JourneyPure at the River
  • Cumberland Heights
  • Mirror Lake
  • Cornerstone Recovery
  • English Mountain Recovery


Looking for a rehab center Texas? The Lone Star state has plenty of rehab options. Both private and state-funded inpatient facilities are located throughout the state from Houston to Dallas and Odessa to Tyler. Anyone looking for Texas rehab will find a multitude of choices. Try searching “Rehab Fort Wayne” and “Rehab Houston Texas.”

Texas rehab centers:

  • Burning Tree Ranch
  • The Treehouse
  • West Texas Counseling
  • The Right Steps
  • The Ranch at Dove Tree


Looking for rehab VA or rehab Charlotte? Virginia rich history and picturesque countryside make it an ideal place to recover. Rehab Virginia options include both private and state-funded centers. Without a doubt, anyone living in Virginia has access to quality rehab facilities. Try searching “Rehab Virginia Beach” and “Rehab Williamsburg.”

Virginia rehab centers:

  • Grace House
  • Howard Center
  • Phoenix House
  • Valley Vista
  • West Ridge Center


Looking for a Vermont rehab? Vermont’s beautiful forests and lakes make it a popular destination for those in New England. For those suffering from addiction, Vermont provides top-ranked rehab facilities in both urban and rural settings.

Vermont rehab centers:

  • Phoenix House
  • Valley Vista
  • Howard Center
  • West Ridge Center
  • Grace House


Looking for Rehab Washington? Washington state boasts beautiful harbors, majestic mountains and top-ranked rehab centers. Whether you live in Seattle or Spokane, Washington state has rehabilitation options for all its residents.

Washington rehab centers:

  • The Recovery Village
  • Royal Life Centers
  • Free by the Sea
  • KLEAN Treatment Centers
  • Northpoint Washington

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