When You’re Ready to Sober Up

You’re finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, what’s next?

Coming to grips with your addiction is really the first step in your journey towards freedom. That said, congratulations on completing your first step! Like any life-changing event, you probably want to know how it’s all going to work. You likely have concerns, doubts and a lot of unanswered questions.

The first thing you need to know is that recovery is achievable despite the way you’re feeling right now. It won’t be easy, you’ll likely get sick, and it may take multiple attempts. Thankfully, you’re up to the task. You’re tough, dedicated and ready to begin a new life.

One of two things will happen when you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol. You will either recognize your demons and find help; or, you will ignore the problem and eventually die. For those choosing life, here are a few things you need to know when you’re ready to sober up.

Will I lose my job?

Your employer, in most cases, cannot fire you if you approach them first with your addiction. Even when an employer isn’t bound by policy, they will appreciate your honesty and will likely work with you until you fully recover.

Will my family and friends know?

The short answer is yes. Being honest with yourself requires that you’re honest with your loved ones. This is key to overcoming addiction. Don’t worry. You’ll learn new skills that will help you and your family overcome addiction as a team.

Will my peers know?

Your friends at work do not need to know about your addiction. This confidentiality is protected by your employer. While some in recovery welcome the support of their colleagues, others prefer privacy. The decision is completely up to you.

How long will I be away from work?

While sobriety is a life-long pursuit, detoxification and in-patient treatment is temporary. Typically, patients spend anywhere from 30 to 90 days between detoxification and in patient treatment. The time required to detox is determined by each, which can be anywhere from 72 hours to a few weeks. Inpatient treatment is where most of the rehabilitation is spent.

What happens after inpatient treatment?

Residential or out-patient care often involves spending time in temporary housing while the patient learns new skills to maintain sobriety. Residents recover in a group-home setting but are able to work and spend time with family. Therapy incudes both group and individual sessions and is designed to help residents’ transition into everyday life.

How much will it cost?

Despite your economic situation, you can find care for your addiction. Those with government insurance can call:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline
  • 1 (800) 662-HELP (4357)
  • 1 800-487-4889 (TDD) for hearing impaired
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • 1 (800) 273-TALK (8255)

This lifeline also offers help with drug and alcohol abuse.

For those with employer-based or private insurance like Blue Cross, United Health or Cigna, it’s common to pay a portion of the annual deductible, which is pennies compared to the dollar amount covered by most insurance plans.

For those paying cash, the cost of detoxification and inpatient care starts around $30,000 for a 30-day stay. At these prices, it’s no surprise that many of the private facilities look like five-star resorts and are staffed with high-level experts in the field of addiction.

Where are all the treatment centers near me?

Arizona Treatment Centers

The treatment centers in Arizona are among the most popular in the Southwest. These long term residential treatment programs offer treatment for alcoholics and treatment for addicts in a dry, warm environment ideal for recovery. If you live in the southwest region, consider an Arizona treatment center for recovery.

California Treatment Centers

The treatment centers in California are among the best in the world. Whether you’re looking for treatment centers in Los Angeles or San Francisco, California residential treatment centers like the Malibu treatment centers or Maynords Recovery Center typically have a detoxification center and in patient treatment centers. These luxury treatment centers offer treatments for alcoholics and drug addicts for those with private insurance. A quick online search for “treatment center CA” will help you find a treatment center in California.

Florida Treatment Centers

Finding a top-notch treatment center in Florida like Twelve Oaks Navarre or The Delray Recovery Center is just an online search away. Treatment centers in Florida, provide a warm, tropical environment while undergoing treatment for addictions. Treatment drugs and treatment programs for drug addicts like suboxone are common, but long term treatment centers are more prevalent and provide different outcomes. These residential treatment centers in Florida are spread throughout the state. Whether you would prefer something in the Northern part of the state like a Jacksonville treatment center or a Florida treatment center in the south, you’ll have absolutely no problem finding rehabilitation facilities in Florida.

Illinois Treatment Centers

Looking for a treatment center Chicago? Finding the best treatment centers Chicago has to offer has never been easier. DBT residential treatment centers, treatment centers for women or treatment centers for teenagers are just some of the specialized facilities offering drug treatments. Whether you’re looking for a traditional solution like the Hazelton Treatment Center or just researching a list of treatment centers for young adults, those requiring alcohol and drugs treatment will find it in Illinois.

Indiana Treatment Centers

Finding an Indiana treatment center like Choices Recovery is quite simple. However, those looking for help with addiction and are serious about treating addiction through a Christian recovery center have options as well. Christian residential treatment centers are spread throughout the state. These Christian treatment centers treat addiction with both evidence-based and spiritual healing. Those with faith in a higher power can easily find a Christian treatment center in Indiana.

Georgia Treatment Centers

The Peach State offers wide-range of options when it comes to recovery. This includes names like Gran Recovery Center and St Judes Recovery. Another notable Georgia treatment center to consider is Greenleaf Valdosta.

Kansas Treatment Centers

Are you looking for a treatment center in Kansas for yourself or a loved one? Valley Hope Atchison Kansas provides top-notch care for those suffering from the effects of substance abuse disorder.

Minnesota Treatment Centers

Are you looking for a Minnesota treatment center? A quick search online for “MN treatment centers” or “treatment centers in MN” will produce a wide variety of options from adult recovery to teenage treatment centers. Family treatment centers focus on the entire family unit. Regardless of your situation, the treatment centers Minnesota has to offer can suit any addiction need.

Michigan Treatment Centers

Are you looking for treatment centers Michigan? Those living in Detroit or outside the city have multiple choices for alcohol and drug abuse counseling. This selection includes drug clinics, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment and more. Are you looking for a detoxification clinic or suboxone clinic? Michigan has you covered.

Nevada Treatment Centers

Are you looking for a treatment center in Nevada? For those needing a Los Vegas recovery or Reno Recovery can find abundant choices within the state of Nevada. Drug abuse clinics, inpatient treatment centers, and residential recovery centers provide the required resources for those living in Nevada.

New Jersey Treatment Centers

Are you looking for treatment centers New Jersey? Those suffering from addiction have choices when it comes to finding help in the Garden State. For those living in the city, a Trenton treatment center is available for those suffering from substance abuse.

New York Treatment Centers

Are you looking for treatment centers in New York? If you or a loved one needs treatment for addiction, you will find a multitude of options for New York rehabilitation. Finding the best treatment centers New York has to offer is getting a lot easier as facilities continue to pop up all over the state.

North Carolina Treatment Centers

Treatment centers in North Carolina are located on picturesque landscapes where patients can recover in peace. Most treatment centers in NC are set in the country. However, many other treatment centers can be found in Charlotte.

Ohio Treatment Centers

The treatment centers Ohio has to offer include inpatient, outpatient, detoxification, and much more. This includes treatment centers like Stepping Stones Norwalk, which provides addiction services for those suffering from substance abuse.

Oklahoma Treatment Centers

Are you looking for Oklahoma treatment center? Laurette Tula OK offers recovery for Oklahomans suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Oregon Treatment Centers

Oregon treatment centers are available throughout the state for those suffering from drugs and alcohol. In light of the opioid epidemic, Oregon provides both state-funded and private addiction treatment centers for its residents.

Pennsylvania Treatment Centers

Are you looking for treatment centers in Pennsylvania? Just Believe Recovery and Clarity Way are just a few of the quality treatment centers Pennsylvania has to offer. Whether you live near Philadelphia or further west, Pennsylvania has available treatment centers throughout the state.

Texas Treatment Centers

Are you looking for Dallas or Houston recovery centers? Quality treatment centers in Texas are located all across the state. Laurel Ridge and Serenity are just some of the world-class treatment centers Texas has to offer. If you or a loved one is looking for a treatment center in Texas, you’ll find plenty of options in the Lone Star State.

Utah Treatment Centers

Utah residential treatment centers can be found throughout the state but are primarily located near Salt Lake City. The treatment centers in Utah serve those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction and continue to grow in number as the opioid epidemic worsens.

Washington State Treatment Centers

The treatment centers in Washington provide both public and private options for those suffering from drugs and alcohol addiction. Washington state treatment centers are located throughout the state from Seattle to Spokane.

Wisconsin Treatment Centers

Are you looking for a Wisconsin treatment center? Le Phillips Chippewa Falls provides addiction treatment for adults suffering from the effects of substance abuse disorder. With a mission to serve the patient from addiction to recovery, Le Phillips Chippewa Falls understands the best way to withdrawal from opiates.

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