Facts about Autism

What is autism? Autism spectrum disorder, also known as Asperger syndrome, is a permanent condition characterized by two distinct symptoms. Often times, the disorder is identified early in life and has long-lasting effects. The best way to determine if your child or dependent has autism is to make an appointment with a specialist and get an autism test. An autism diagnosis is every parent’s worst nightmare, but there are treatments that can definitely help. Signs of autism have two main indicators.

Autism Symptoms Include:

  • Problems with communication and socializing
  • Repetitive behavioral patterns

Are you responsible for someone with Autism spectrum disorder? If you’re looking for help, we can help. We work with a team of doctors and specialist that can dramatically improve the quality of life for your loved one. Call us today and learn more about autism.

What Causes Autism

The causes of autism are still unknown. However, certain risk factors have been identified as researchers continue to find the cause and cure. Autism research has determined that prenatal and perinatal risk factors could be a cause. Many Americans are looking at the possibility of vaccinations as a cause. These claims range all over the spectrum. However, no concrete evidence is available yet. The important thing is that you get accurate autism information. If you’re in need of good information, but are unsure where to look, give us a call. Our friendly and trained representatives will be happy to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you loved one.

Treatment for Autism

Both kids with autism and adults with autism have had their lives dramatically changed by innovated treatments. Autism therapy has proven successful among many autistic children and adults who suffer from spectrum autism. Don’t let an autistic disorder keep your loved one from living a fulfilling life. Our team of doctors and specialist have successfully treated and improved the lives of thousands of autistic adults and children. Remember, you’re not alone. Our community of care takers and family members are here to ensure you get the treatment your loved one needs. Maybe you’re still unsure about the condition of your child or dependent. Often times, people will unintentionally ignore symptoms out of fear of reality. The time to face your fear is now. We have friendly representatives standing by and are ready to take your call. If you’re ready to improve the quality of life for the person you love the most, call 888-477-9458 to contact us with any questions.